Classic Tonic Syrup

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Infused Liquid Tonic Syrup is a concentrated tonic designed to be mixed with carbonated water or to be used in cocktails. It helps to make the perfect G&T!

This tonic has a perfect balance of bitterness and taste of citrus, orange and elder, which makes it suitable for most types of gin.

Our favorites, however, are Stockholms Bränneriet Dry Gin or Tanqueray Rangpur.

Our Tonic is handmade in smaller batches with real Cinchona bark, elderflower, lavender, zest from lemon and orange.

One bottle contains 250 ml and is enough for about 12 drinks.

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For the perfect G&T:

2 cl Tonic Syrup (add last)
15-20 cl carbonated water
4-6 cl Gin
Lots of ice

Stir so that everything mixes.



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