First-class cocktail syrups with real ingredients

Our Tonic is handmade in smaller batches with real Cinchona bark, elderflower, lavender, zest from lemon and orange.

Shrubs is a vinegar drink that originated in 17th century England. We combine vinegar with fresh ingredients and organic sugar. The result is a refreshing and exciting drink that can be enjoyed as a base in a cocktail or mixed with soda for a good meal drink. 

Always 59 kroner in shipping!


Awesome Tonic that lets a layman like me mix impressive drinks at home :) Have not tried the shrubs yet but will try it for this summer's barbecues.

Peter N

Cruel Tonic !! Addictive

Marcus J

Fantastic nice tonic, will buy this regularly. Very healthy and fresh taste can not help but long for the summer heat and enjoy some awesome GT.

If you have not tried it, do it, you will not regret it!

Calle AC

Scrumptious! Can highly recommend it with Tanqueray Rangpur!


Nice taste and very good. Mix it with carbonated water from the soft drink machine and a little gin, it will be super tasty. Recommended!

Niklas A