Infused Liquid

It all started in Florence. I was at Locale Firenze with a completely unique Old Fashioned in front of me - a crystal clear ice cube with the bar's seal embossed, wrapped in the golden yellow drink. Soon a mighty Moscow Mule followed with hints of smoke and suddenly it felt like I kicked open the doors to a whole new world. I had discovered unimaginable levels of taste, magic in the right combinations and what genuine mixology crafts can do. 

The bartender did not get rid of me for many hours. We were devoured in a long discussion about homemade bitters, ice cream making and using all our senses to achieve the perfect cocktail. 

The same summer, the garage at home in Enskede was rebuilt into a brewery and ice factory. After hundreds of batches of gum syrup, syrups, tonics and tons of hand-sawn ice, there were some recipes that stood out and were really appreciated by friends. When several bars and restaurants then started making recurring orders, it became a receipt that there was something more than a fixed idea. That's how Infused Liquid was born.

With investments in better equipment and larger brewing tanks, production is now increasing and 2020 is the year when we roll out on a broad front with our first-class products. More drinks and flavors will be launched soon. Cheers and let it taste good.

Mikael Behrenfors
Infused Liquid

Contact information:
Infused Liquid AB - 556885-8855
Livlandsgatan 160
12237 Enskede
Phone: +46 (0) 703738007